Old pieces of silverware and dated, cleaned and designed into beautiful angel pendant, necklaces and more.

  • Angel Ornament

    Angel Ornament (6)

    Little snips of silverware ends join with a filigree butterfly for the wings. The faux pearl face and delicately swirled sterling silver hook.
  • Floating Heart Necklaces

    Floating Heart Necklaces (11)

    A beautiful heart-shaped pendant adorned with a Swaroski Crystal that seems to float on a sterling silver chain.
  • Forever Vases

    Forever Vases (7)

    Beautiful knife handles turned into vases. Flowers are silk and last forever, thus the name Forever Vases. Makes a for a perfect wedding favor or just a special gift. These include two magnets to attach to any magnetic surface.
  • Key Chain

    Key Chain (2)

    Silverware handles are used to create a unique keychain with a little history behind it.
  • Spoon Wearable Bracelets

    Spoon Wearable Bracelets (5)

    The ends of silverware are used to create these sweet vintage bracelets. Each holds a charm of an angel or baubles. The clasp is one of the strongest magnets on the market.
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